The Barbecue. Such a journey.

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The Barbecue - Such A Journey at Hotbox

The first authentic barbecue was first eaten back in the 1500s. The Spanish introduced the pig to the American Indians and the Indians in turn, introduced the Spanish to the art of slow cooking.

In this first meeting, the Spanish brought the pig and the Indians taught them how to cook it. If one wants to experience all four styles of American barbecue, there is only one state in the nation where that can be done – South Carolina. 

“Barbecue” is the English word adaptation from either the Spanish word “barbacoa” or the word “barabicoa” from the Taino Native American tribe of the Caribbean and Florida regions.

The Barbecue Journey

Hotbox bbq journey. Come Share the Smoke!

A decade spent travelling back and forth to Dallas and Austin allowed Basit to learn from the region’s best BBQ houses, becoming a loyal fan of Pecan Lodge, John Mueller Meat Co, and the legendary Franklin Barbecue where he and Head Chef, Lewis Spencer, spent time in the kitchen leaning the art of smoking from Aaron Franklin and his team. It was then, on a trip to Mexico City, that Basit first experienced traditional barbecoa, at El Prof, where the small market restaurant’s speciality is whole pit-roast mutton served with onion, lime and tacos, a version of which is a signature on the new HotBox menu.

“HotBox combines my dual obsession: barbecue and spice. Lewis and I have developed a new menu with a focus on combining traditional smoking with vibrant spices, and in particular chilli which is like salt and pepper for me - I can’t eat without it!  I wanted to bring all the wonderful techniques, flavours and spices that I discovered on my travels to London, and the new dishes represent the food that inspires me ”, says Basit Nasim. 

Preparing Meat for Barbecue

Key to many of the new dishes is the brand new custom-built wood and charcoal-fuelled grill similar to the famous open Asado grills of South America, and the blend of oak, mesquite and applewood used in the meat smoking process.

The smoker and grill are used for many of the sides too which include smoked cheese macaroni, spiced skillet potatoes; chilli lime Mexican corn; and chargrilled pickles.

A Barbecue in Hotbox

After smoking their way around the capital with residencies at Street Feast’s Dalston Yard, Hawker House and Battersea Power Station, as well as pop-ups at Wireless and Field Day festivals, HotBox parked up their industrial smoker permanently in the heart of Spitalfields.

HotBox has earned its reputation as one of the hottest bbq restaurants on London’s vibrant food scene, following a busy summer smokin’ their way around London’s coolest summer events including:  Wireless, Fields Day and Latitude festivals saw HotBox gain a royal legion of celebrity fans including Jourdan Dunn, Rudimental, Frankie and Wayne Bridge!

Beef Short Rib

What's is not love?

Barbecue masterpieces. Street Food. Summer Festivals. Smokin´ hot cocktails. Good music. Great ambiance.

Stay tuned about the news for this summer. New openings around London. More cool events like Taste London with Laurent Perrier Rose.

We're Hotbox London,  and we will be burning your summer!