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Our serving staff are regularly asked by customers to recommend the best side dish for their meal, so here are a few hints and tips of how to get the best out of your sides:

Why a perfect side dish is so important?

Side dishes are awesome. Most people don't appreciate them. Choosing the right side dish makes all the difference and balance your lunch or dinner.

Delicious sides can change the game on your daily menu.

Sweet porato side dish at Hotbox

We choose the best sides to make the bbq experience the best of it.

There are certain side dishes that are practically mandatory at a barbecue: corn, greens, smokey sweet potatoes to name a few. These classics pair perfectly with ribs or a big or a meaty burger. But if you want to take your bbq side dishes a bit further, we have options for you too. Try our orange and fennel salad for a fresh touch, spicy twist on our Pickled slaw or the Grilled sweet potato to get smoky flavor.

Here some history about our best side dishes:

Chicken as a side dish at Hotbox

"The coleslaw"

Shredded cabbage can be traced back as far as the ancient Romans, who enjoyed the cruciferous vegetable with melted butter, vinegar, and oil.

The Dutch introduced to America ”koosla.” “Kool” was the Dutch word for cabbage, and “sla” salad. Overtime, koosla was Americanized into coleslaw. Coleslaw first appeared in print in 1785!

The reason why coleslaw has developed a mediocre reputation at best is likely because this is one of those dishes that you must have prepared correctly. And, it needs to be eaten fresh.

Furthermore, coleslaw is ideally chilled overnight, allowing the dressing to infiltrate the vegetables.

Our slow smoked meats go perfectly with our pickled slaw  its perfect to cut the reach meats perfectly.

Pantalla side dish at Hotbox

"The Mac & Cheese"

Three simple words for a dish with such a complex history, that it has become a classic if not the quintessential American food to grace dinner tables since the Colonial era. But where did it come from? Who “invented” it? And last but not least, how did it become one of the most beloved comfort foods of all time?

The American macaroni and cheese has two main lines of ancestry claimed. In the first, it is thought that macaroni and cheese was a casserole that had its beginnings at a New England church supper. In southeastern Connecticut it was known long ago as macaroni pudding. In the second, and more famous story, and more than likely the original story, it is said that the classic American macaroni and cheese returned with Thomas Jefferson to Virginia after his sojourn in Italy. Jefferson had brought back a pasta machine from Italy. His daughter Mary Randolph became the hostess of his house after Jefferson's wife died and she is credited with inventing the dish using macaroni and Parmesan cheese. Later, the Parmesan was replaced with cheddar cheese. Anyway, that's one story. It is more likely that Jefferson encountered the dish in Italy and brought back the recipe.

Jalapenno slaw at Hotbox

Our touch? smokey flavours!

Grilled meats such as Jalapeño Chicken and Tomahawk Pork Chop are complemented by starchy sides such as our decadent smoked Mac & Cheese!

We love sides!