Save the date to meet and greet Jack the Ripple at London Cocktail Week

Jack the Ripple is going to be our signature cocktail co-starred with Jack Daniels, at the London Cocktail Week Warm-Up, where 30 of London’s best-hidden bars will be creating special £7 cocktails next 5th of July.

This mini version of the London Cocktail week that will take place in October, is not only a chance to make up for lost time, but also to support those bars within London's hospitality that had been hand-picked for their excellence, as long as specifically having no outside space and stayed closed the longest.

This festival is committed to helping the hospitality industry bounce back by giving people a reason to get back into enjoying London’s unrivalled cocktail culture and celebrate a new beginning.

It would be an excellent excuse to celebrate the basement bars and hidden gems so we invite you all to our basement Cocktail Bar, 46 & Mercy, which pays homage to the space with original works from the likes of Blek Le Rat, Pure Evil, Robbo and D-Face to name a few, to chill out and enjoy our signatura cocktail.