Moving towards a sustainable future of meat

five piglets at a farm

It is time for all to stand up and challenge ourselves about the future and take part of it!

Climate researchers all over the world are highlighting meat as one of the great challenges for our planet, the climate and the living conditions of future generations.

This is a fundamental challenge for all meat producers, which they have a big responsibility to help solve. We cannot continue to eat and produce meat as we do now. We at Hotbox are very proud about meat and we love to offer you the best smoke meat in London, but in a responsible way. One of those ways is choosing the most responsible and sustainable meat supplier.

four cows on a farm at sunset

We must start to do things differently, British farmers have pledged to take the lead in finding sustainable solutions for producing meat in a greener and more sustainable way.

We need a sustainable farm system that provides healthy food grown to high standards of animal welfare and environmental protection. Farming must be able to provide good jobs and livelihoods in food production, supported by a fair supply chain. Farming and land management must also play their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that cause dangerous climate change.

Will be a long way to reach all sustainability goals when we talk about meat, but we want to be part of this change at Hotbox. Stay updated.

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