Healthy Brunch London: What are the healthiest items on our menu?

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It is the time of year when people make new year's resolutions, and those promises often involve eating more healthily. But panic not!, this doesn't mean you have to lock yourself away at home and never enjoy the delicious food of Hotbox. We are here to provide you with a guide on the healthiest items on our menu - enjoy!

​​​​Our healthy options:

Spicy Mushroom Taco

Crispy shallots, feta,
sriracha salsa, coriander

Grilled Chicken

Citrus & sumac rub
Arbol chilli & mezcal mop

Barbecue Red Snapper

Chargrilled red snapper fillet, red cabbage, pickles

Aubergine Schwarma

Shawarma spiced grilled aubergine,
tahini dressing, pomegranate, hazelnut dukkah, pine nuts (v)

Hotbox - not just for meat-lovers!

Hotbox BBQ Jack Fruit Slider

BBQ Jack Fruit Slider: The closest thing we can get to a vegan bbq slider that tastes like meat. The texture is like pulled pork and our vegan BBQ sauce packs all the same flavour punch you’d expect from our regular sauce.

Hotbox Delicious Smokey Aubergine

Schwarma Aubergine: Delicious smokey aubergine, doused with schwarma spiced butter and finished with pomegranate molasses, tahini and pine nuts. Giving smokey flavours to the aubergine and feel the HotBox spirit even been vegan!