Classic Cocktails With A Twist!

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Cocktails in Hotbox

The food menu may get your taste buds dancing, but the drinks menu is a whole other story. Ranging from twists on classics to a couple specialty cocktails, the bar team at Hotbox London has curated inspired tipples perfectly matched to any one of our mains from the fall-off-the-bone smoked meats to the vegetarian options.

The Smokey Gonzales at Hotbox

The Smokey Gonzales, a twist on a mezcal margarita, offers a depth of smoke from the mezcal boosted by the Ancho Reyes chilli liqueur. Add a spicy salt rim, you’ve got the perfect duo between our Smokey and pork ribs.

Moving on from tequila, everyone loves a bit of whiskey when they want some good BBQ. Our Delicious Sour is a fantastic twist on a whiskey sour that sees Jameson and peach liqueur expertly paired. Add a bit of lemon and egg white, you’ve never seen anything like this before!

Gentle Bear Cocktail at Hotbox

Our Gentle Bear, created by Hotbox’s Daniel, was a competition winner against Marco Pierre White Bar! The rules: create a stylish, sweet cocktail packed with booze and a complex garnish. The garnish itself may have been brought down a notch to match Hotbox’s well-known, simplistic style, but the drink itself still matches all other criteria. With the rarely seen pairing of cachaça and Amaretto, the sweetness of the cocktail is balanced with a hint of cinnamon. Thanks to lime, all flavours are elevated enough to gain a win and massive success across both bars!

For those with a sweet tooth, we at Hotbox London have just the drink for you – Passion Smash. Made with fresh passionfruit, East London Liquor Company vodka, brown sugar, and lime, this libation is a little sweet, a little sour, and a whole lot of refreshing!

Waiter serving cocktails at Hotbox

If those cocktail descriptions weren’t enough to get your mouth watering, maybe the Sneaky Fidget will do the trick. Amaro Montenegro, East London Liquor Company Demerara Rum and orgeat gives this modest-looking drink a number of layers. Add a bit of lime into the mix, you have the perfectly balanced and absolutely delicious Fidget.

There are plenty of classic cocktails to go around with a selection of 20 available in the Hotbox bar, but those signatures won’t last forever! With the change of the season, comes a change in the cocktail menu, and a rotation is currently under development! These drinks, as exciting as they are, won’t be around much longer! Keep an eye out for a brand-new cocktail menu coming to Hotbox Bar! What can you expect? More tequila and more whiskey paired with equal amounts of passion and finesse. And, as always, perfectly concocted to compliment and elevate those beef short rib tacos you love so much.

Also don't forget to check our  great selection of Draft and Bottled Beers– we serve over 15 different types of craft beer. Like Pilsner, Gamma Ray, Beavertown, Crate Pravha,  an amazing Chieftain and a very cool Kona  Big Wave, what´s not to love beer worshipers?

There’s a carefully selected wine list, from Pinot Grigio to a Puolly Fume on whites and Pinot Noir and Malbec to make your dinner unforgettable!